What are the Advantages of Owning a French Provincial Cross Back Dining Chair?

Consider the versatility of cross back chairs if you’re looking for comfortable but fashionable dining chairs. Here is my list of the “Best Cross Back Chairs” for low-cost x back chairs that suit your taste and budget!

Purchasing a new set of dining chairs is a difficult task. Furthermore, the price of dining chairs can quickly mount up. After all, you won’t be able to buy just one dining chair; you’ll need a complete set of six or eight! Check out chairforce.com.au for more info. 

french cross back chairs

What are Cross Back Chairs?

Dining chairs are essential in your home’s decor, and not just because they complete the look of your dining room. However, their functionality is critical to your family’s comfort.

Cross back dining chairs are known for their sturdy construction and distressed accents, which complement rustic farmhouse decor beautifully. They have an x-back, curved legs, and a woven rattan seat for a natural look. The heart provides additional cushioning and provides a nice contrast to the wood.

History of Cross Back Chairs

Cross-back chairs were popular in French bistros in the early twentieth century. In terms of lower supports are similar to bentwood chairs, but instead of rounded arcs, they have flattened strips of wood that cross in the back.

The way cross back chairs were originally made is one of their most distinguishing features. The wooden parts were created by heating beechwood slats to 212°F, pressing them into curved cast-iron moulds, and drying them for 20 hours at around 158°F.

Cross Back Bistro Chairs on a Budget

You’ve probably seen cross-back chairs as part of dining sets, but I use one as a vanity chair because it’s comfortable and doesn’t take up much room. For the same reason, a friend of mine keeps one at her craft desk. The seat height of a standard cross back dining chair is 18.5 inches.

Stackable Crossback Chairs

For those who want to store their cross back chairs for large family gatherings or wedding venues, stackable cross back chairs are an option. Because of their rustic but elegant style and lightweight comfort, cross back chairs are frequently seen at weddings and receptions. Later, we’ll go over the differences between stackable and non-stackable cross back chairs.

What Makes a Comfortable Dining Chair Versatile for Your Style?

The versatility of these elegant dining chairs is one of my favourite features. Even though they are frequently seen with modern farmhouse accents, they look great in almost any home decor style! They’re equally at ease with a farmhouse trestle table as they are with French country or coastal decor.

Nothing is worse than a sore back from sitting in an uncomfortable chair, no matter how nice a dining set looks or how well it matches your decor. How aggravating would it be to spend hundreds of dollars on a lovely dining set only to discover that your family and guests despise it?

Are cross back dining chairs comfortable?

Cross back chairs are not only comfortable but are also ergonomic, which is ironic because they don’t appear to be nearly as comfortable as they are. As someone who suffers from lower back pain, the lumbar support provided by the wooden pieces that form the curved x surprised me. Cross back chairs were frequently mentioned as good desks or dining chairs for those with back problems when looking for the best dining room chair for lower back pain. Most cross-back chairs do not have fully upholstered seats, but padding beneath the rattan makes them more comfortable than a standard wooden dining chair. If you require additional support, dining cushions, which are easier to clean than upholstered dining chairs, can be added.

How much should I pay for dining chairs?

A dining chair can cost anywhere between $99 and $1,000 per chair. That’s an extensive range, and it isn’t easy to know where to start or how much to spend.

Should dining chairs with arms fit under the table?

With or without arms, chairs should easily slide under the table. The ideal distance between the chair arm and the table apron is 7 inches, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Your chair’s back height should be comparable to that of your table.

Why are dining chairs uncomfortable?

As you can see, dining chairs are generally inconvenient because they are not designed to support your lower back. If you choose an office chair, for example, you will typically have more adjustments and will be able to sit for more extended periods.