The Definitive Guide to Mothers Day Hampers

What is Mother’s day, who celebrates it and why?

Mother’s Day is dedicated to honouring the mother’s role in the family. It is to commemorate maternal bonds, motherhood, and the social role of mothers. In the months of March and May, it is usually observed on various dates around the world. In India, it is observed on the second Sunday in May, which falls on May 12 this year. The modern celebration began in the United States, but it does not coincide with every culture’s celebration of this day, which has its own traditions.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother at the St. Andrews Methodist Church in West Virginia, which is now the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother, Ann Reese Jarvis, a peace activist, by making Mother’s Day a recognized holiday. Ann Jarvis served as a nurse to soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War and founded Mother’s Day work clubs to address public health issues. Anna Jarvis wanted to pay tribute to her mother because she believes a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone else on the planet.”

Mother’s Day is observed in various ways around the world. Making your mother feel special with gifts, cake cutting, handmade cards, or other surprises is part of a general celebration. Visit hampers by design for affordable hampers for your mum. 

Mothers day gift hampers

What To Buy Mum For Mother’s Day?

Gifts Australia has Mother’s Day gifts available online. When our elegant Mother’s Day gift boxes arrive beautifully presented at her front door, they are sure to delight mum. She’ll find fine wine or champagne, sweet chocolates, and delectable nibbles inside. This is just one way to show your appreciation for a hard working mother! We know your mother is overworked and deserves a break. To truly pamper mum, get her a Mother’s Day gift that includes relaxing bath products and skincare. In Australia, you can order your favourite Mother’s Day gifts online using AfterPay, PayPal, Google Pay, and a variety of other convenient payment methods.

What are the Best Items to Put in a Mothers Day Hamper?

  • Gourmet Snacks

Is your mother a snacker who enjoys potato chips or popcorn? Include gourmet versions of her favourite flavours in her gift basket to give her something extra special!

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are so versatile that they’re a great addition to any gift basket. A gift card can be used for almost anything! Treat her to a movie, a spa treatment, a trip to her favourite store, or a meal at her favourite restaurant! This is an excellent way to persuade your mother to pamper or indulge herself.

  • Hobby Items

You can make your mother a gift basket filled with items related to her favourite hobby if she has one. You can put seeds, gardening gloves, and special hand lotion for gardeners in her basket, for example, if she enjoys gardening.

  • Beauty Products

Mother’s Day is a day to remind your mother to take care of herself. There’s no better way to accomplish this than with cosmetics! You can fill her basket with her favourites if you know what they are. Otherwise, go for items that are universally applicable, like body lotion and bubble bath. To make the gift even more special, try making your own beauty products.

  • Voucher Booklets

Mother’s Day is a day to honour mothers while also providing them with a break. Sure, on Mother’s Day, you can do all her chores, but what about the rest of the year? Because she can use the vouchers whenever she wants, they’re a great addition to her gift basket! Dinner preparation, housecleaning, and errand running are all excellent voucher items.

What do you put in a gift basket?

Champagne, mugs, hand soap, tea towels, preserves, tea bags, chocolates, biscuits, candles, picture frames, potted plants or vases, and small home decorations are popular gift options.

In a beauty hamper, what do you put?

What kind of beauty products should you include in a pampering basket? Face toners, face creams, clay masks, hand cream, body lotion, make-up, beauty and hair products, fragrances, and aromatherapy products made with premium or all-botanical ingredients make excellent pamper hamper additions.

How many items should be in a gift basket?

Finally, both the size of the basket and your gifts determine the number of customer Christmas gifts you include in your gift basket. In a small gift basket, we recommend including 4-5 items.