For Consumers

Vegetables on cutting boardKeeping your salt intake low is a vital part of staying healthy for both you and your family.

We’re eating too much salt

Most Australians consume far more salt than they need to – even those who don’t add any to the food that they’re cooking, or at the table.

Most salt is hidden

The reason that we still eat too much salt is that even though many companies have already taken steps to reduce salt in some of their products, 75% of the salt that we eat is hidden in processed foods – often the ones that we don’t think are bad for us, like bread and breakfast cereals.

Aim for no more than 6g a day

Until manufacturers manage to lower salt levels in a lot of popular foods, then the best thing to do is to aim for a salt intake of 6g a day. So people should aim to eat less than 6g of salt each day, although further reduction is better if you can manage it.

Eat fresh and check labels

The easiest way to achieve this reduction is to eat fresh, unprocessed foods and read nutrition labels. You’ll avoid a lot of salt if you use lots of fresh ingredients when you cook, and limit your intake of processed snacks and treats.

All processed food is labeled to show how much sodium (the unhealthy part of salt) it contains. If you learn to understand food labels then you can make healthier choices when you add processed foods to your trolley.

If you’re looking to lower your salt consumption, or to reduce the salt that your family consumes, then you’ll find some helpful resources on this and other salt reduction websites.