Man eating take away AWASH aims to improve the health of Australians by achieving a gradual population-wide reduction in dietary salt consumption that will reduce cardiovascular diseases and other salt-related health problems.

The primary goal of AWASH is to reduce the average amount of salt consumed by Australians to 6g per day within the next five years.

This goal is set on the basis of national and international recommendations for salt consumption that would be both effective and achievable.

This goal will be achieved through four main strategies:

  1. An average twenty-five percent reduction in the salt content of foods
  2. An average twenty-five percent reduction in salt use by the catering industry
  3. Increased population knowledge of the benefits of low salt diets
  4. Clear labelling of foods that makes the salt content immediately apparent

AWASH will achieve this goal by promoting the benefits of salt reduction and engaging the participation of all sectors of the Australian community – this will include industry, schools, consumers, scientists, healthcare workers, governments, regulatory bodies and professional organisations.

Regular monitoring of progress towards the goal and careful scrutiny of the development of each strategy will be undertaken throughout the campaign.