Salt and Health Facts

Boys eating chipsReducing average salt intake by 3 grams per day would be expected to lead to a 22% reduction in deaths from strokes and a 16% reduction in deaths from coronary heart disease.

Australian Health

  • High blood pressure¬†accounts for 60% of all strokes and 50% of all heart disease
  • High blood pressure causes the third greatest burden of disease in Australia after tobacco smoking and physical inactivity
  • High blood pressure is the most frequently managed problem in general medical practice in Australia
  • As many as 28% of Australians may have high blood pressure, and over half of people with high blood pressure are going untreated
  • Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability in Australia, claiming the lives of 46,134 people in 2005, or 35% of all deaths
  • In 2005, nearly nine times as many women died from cardiovascular disease than died from breast cancer

Salt Consumption

  • In Australia, the estimated average consumption of salt is 10 grams per day for men and 7 grams per day for women
  • 75% or more of our salt intake comes from processed foods