Health Benefits

Reading menuThe less salt we eat, the better our health.

High salt diets are strongly linked to high blood pressure – a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases including stroke and heart attack.

It is widely recognised that a high salt diet has other adverse effects, including being a risk factor for kidney disease and stomach cancer.

Salt may also be implicated as an aggravator of asthma and a contributor to osteoarthritis.

Australian salt intake

The average Australian adult consumes about 9 grams of salt each day. This is far more than our bodies require to be healthy – we can survive on as little as a gram of salt each day.

Australians should reduce the amount of salt they eat to less than 6 grams per day – even further wherever possible. Australians with high blood pressure or an existing cardiovascular disease should reduce their salt intake to below 4 grams per day and even further if possible.

Benefits for children’s health

Eating too much salt can also influence children’s blood pressure and pre-dispose them to health problems in later life. As our capacity to rid our body of excess salt decreases as we age, it is very important to develop healthy habits when we are young.